Guide to Selecting Flooring in Your Home

Couple on hardwood floor
Whether you prefer plush carpeting, elegant hardwood or fashionable tile, a room’s purpose, your lifestyle and budget all factor into your home flooring choices. Although you want home flooring that reflects your personal style, consider a product’s functionality to ensure long-term satisfaction. Abbey Carpet & Floor carries a wide variety of flooring and can guide you to your best options.

Plush carpet is perfect in bedrooms and living rooms where you want something warm and comfortable underfoot. Carpeting is available in a multitude of colors and texture, fiber and pattern types. Many carpet brands are soil-resistant and provide durable, nonslip comfort.

Wood floors offer timeless elegance with over 1,000 species of wood, cork and bamboo floors available. Choose between solid hardwood that’s nailed to a subfloor or engineered hardwood that’s typically glued, stapled or floated over an existing floor. Both options offer durability, but aren't recommended in rooms with fluctuating humidity.

Tile & Stone
Tile comes in many forms and is incredibly versatile. Choose from porcelain, ceramic, stone, metal or glass. Although not every type of tile is rated for everyday use, many are long-lasting and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. Tiles come in a rainbow of colors and can mimic other surfaces, such as wood. It’s a great choose for rooms prone to moisture and easy to keep clean.

Laminate flooring can be used in almost any room, but it can be sensitive to excessive moisture, making it less ideal in bathrooms. Laminates can provide the same look as expensive hardwood or stone at a fraction of the cost. It's usually floated over an existing floor with an interlocking tongue-and-groove assembly for quick, easy installation.

Vinyl flooring is a budget-friendly option that's available in an array of colors and patterns. Since it’s impervious to water, it’s a great choice in any room and usually floated over existing floors. It can mimic the look of upscale ceramic and intricate designs in wood, stone and marble. Luxury tile never requires refinishing and offers a supple feel underfoot.

At Abbey Carpet & Floor of Harrisburg, all of our home flooring installers and sales associates are committed to superior customer service and helping you select the right floor for your lifestyle and your budget. Visit our showroom at 1920 Paxton Street, where you can see and touch our products and learn more about our one-year installation fix guarantee.