Affordable Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Harrisburg, PA

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Abbey Carpet & Floor is home to the best selection of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring in Harrisburg, PA. Stop by our showroom today and get inspired to redesign!

Luxurious Vinyl Tile Flooring

Take everything you think you know about vinyl flooring and forget it. New luxury vinyl flooring isn't like the traditional vinyl of yesteryear. Today's vinyl floors capture the look and feel of natural stone, ceramic, and wood floors at a fraction of the price. Luxury vinyl, using advanced photographic and manufacturing technologies, mimics the color
and texture of other types of flooring, lending a classic, timeless look to any room. There are virtually endless numbers of unique designs on the market, ranging from realistic wood to ornate metalwork, each combining beauty and durability to create stylish, functional floors.
Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Perhaps the biggest advantage to choosing luxury vinyl as a flooring material is the price. Compared to traditional wood or stone floors, luxury vinyl offers many of the same benefits at a lower cost. Because the top coat of the floor is enhanced with a urethane coating, these floors are extremely durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. But they're also a popular choice among designers because they're more comfortable to stand on and warmer underfoot than ceramic floors. Floors made of 100 percent vinyl material are also eco-friendly, satisfying both green building standards and LEED certification points.


Abbey Carpet & Floor's skilled installers will work quickly and diligently to install your new floor while being respectful of your family's home and space. We offer a one-year installation guarantee, so you can be sure that we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.
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