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Hardwood floors
Abbey Carpet & Floor of Harrisburg offers durable solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors from top brands in the industry. From selecting the perfect hardwood flooring to full-service, professional installation, we're there every step of the way. Start with our free room measurement service to determine exactly how much flooring you need. Then, we'll review installation options with you to ensure you get the exact look you want.

Hardwood Installation Options

The type of hardwood flooring you choose determines part of your installation options. Solid hardwood is nailed to the subfloor, while engineered hardwood is typically stapled, glued or floated over an existing floor. Thus, if your subfloor is concrete, you can't install solid hardwood. You'll also evaluate installation options dealing with design accents like borders and medallions that give rooms more dimension. Then, consider your options on which direction you want your flooring laid. Our installation experts utilize the finest techniques, such as laying a specific pattern to match your desired look, to create impressive, long-lasting floors.

Hardwood Installation Patterns

Hardwood floor patterns not only affect the look of your floor, they also affect furniture placement and the general feel and flow of your space. Our installation technicians can create very different looks with the same material just by changing the installation pattern, for example:
  • Straight patterns for a simple, contemporary design that enhances the original look of the hardwood floor.
  • Random patterns for a customized look that gives spaces a more rustic aesthetic and an energetic feel.
  • Diagonal patterns for a more formal, luxurious look without drifting away from a traditional straight installation.
  • Parquet patterns for a very distinct and sophisticated look that utilizes repeated geometric patterns with almost limitless variations.
  • Herringbone patterns for a look resembling twilled fabric utilizing strips laid in a diagonal zigzag method.
Whichever pattern you choose, we complete your hardwood installation with numerous finishing touches, including decorative touches to frame the individual room, separate it from adjacent spaces and/or add formality.

Count On Abbey Carpet & Floor Of Harrisburg

Trust our installation experts to provide the latest techniques and give your new hardwood floors a stunning look that will last for years. We’re so confident you’ll love your hardwood installation, we stand behind our work with a one-year installation warranty. Whether you live in Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg or the surrounding areas, you can count on Abbey Carpet & Floor of Harrisburg for all your flooring projects. Contact us to schedule your installation today.