Choosing the Right Wood for Your Floors

Wood Floor Choices in Harrisburg PA - Abbey Carpet of Harrisburg
Hardwood flooring gives any room natural beauty and warmth, and with so many species to choose from, wood floors can match any décor. The flooring experts at Abbey Carpet of Harrisburg, PA can help you choose the right wood to match your desired look and specific flooring needs based on a room's function.

Wood Hardness
The wood you choose for your floors not only affects how your floor looks, but also its durability. That’s because each species has different hardness levels, which determines how well it holds up to wear. Strictly based on a room's traffic level, a species’ hardness can ultimately sway your buying decision. You wouldn’t choose the same wood for a bedroom with little traffic versus a kitchen with heavy traffic. Your lifestyle can also dictate the hardness factor. A retired couple might choose a softer wood like pine, but a large, busy family should probably opt for something harder like oak.

Species Specifics
Once we help you cull appropriate wood species based on the hardness factor, the next thing to consider is personal style and budget. You'll discover a wide array of colors, characteristics and grain patterns to match your design preferences. A room’s function also often helps determine which woods work best.

Choose light-colored species like alder, ash or teak to achieve a more open or airy feel in a room. Pick medium-toned woods like hickory, maple or oak to achieve the appearance of a warm, cozy environment. For a more formal setting, choose darker woods like cherry, mahogany or walnut to achieve a more elegant look.

Popular Species
Our flooring experts can provide species examples appropriate for your lifestyle and desired look. This may include domestic and/or exotic species. Some popular domestically grown species include ash, beech, birch, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, pine and walnut. You'll pay a premium price for exotic species imported from other countries, but they offer distinctive color and surface characteristics. Brazilian cherry has long been the most popular exotic, but bamboo, cork, eucalyptus, mahogany, rosewood, spotted gum, teak and tigerwood are also fashionable.

Trust the flooring experts at Abbey Carpet of Harrisburg, PA with all your hardwood flooring needs, because floors are all we do. We'll help you choose the right wood for your floors, and provide professional installation to ensure your floors look stunning for many years to come. Contact us to start your flooring project today!